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How to get the most of our Spa experience?

Golden rules and tips for incredible Spa getaway

For most of us visiting the SPA is about rejuvenating the mind and the body. The spa treatments are definitely one of the most commonly used types of relaxation to take time for yourself and feel special.

Here are some golden tips, that will help you get the most of your SPA experience, if you have already decided to spend the day enjoying the SPA.

1. Reservation

Inevitably the most important thing is to call and book a spa treatment at a convenient time for you.

Get familiar with the confirmation policy and conditions for using the Spa Center. Get information on Spa Center opening hours and procedures available.

2. Before SPA

What clothes to pick?

If you are enjoying a spa for the first time, you are probably wondering what to bring with you to the spa.

Dress as comfortably as possible, bring a small bag with you, pack your hairbrush and swimsuit. If you forgot to bring your towel / bathrobe and slippers, the Spa center will provide you with at extra cost.

Do not forget to clean your skin

Just before you go to the spa, you need to take care of yourself. Go with clear skin to get the most out of any spa treatment. It is not advisable to use perfumes in the spa area, as the strong aroma can irritate other visitors.

3. Sequence of SPA treatments

It is very important that you choose the right order for using the spa services and facilities. Here is the correct sequence of spa treatments.


First, it’s good to start warming your body. We recommend you visit the sauna or steam bath.

In the sauna and steam bath, the upper benches are hotter than the lower benches. Our body warms more evenly if we lie down than if we sit on a bench.


Once you have used the steam bath or sauna, it is time to bring out the excess heat.

You can cool down and relax by taking a shower with lukewarm water or take a dip in the pool and swim.

To end up with

Once you have cooled down, your body needs some time to equalize the temperature in it and your heart rate and blood pressure return to normal. Use this time to drink some water or just sit back and relax.

And last but not least - be sure to choose the right spa!

One of the most important things to get the most of a spa is choosing the right spa center!

To give yourself a real spa getaway, you can choose the Spa Center of Complex Kremen. And for those of you who are not guests of the hotel but still want to indulge in a day-long spa experience, we have prepared a special Spa Package in the days from Monday to Thursday!

Using Spa Center and pools by visitors

Use all Spa treatments Spa treatments in the days of Monday to Thursday from 02.12.2019.

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