Coziness during winter in Spa Hotel Kremen

Winter coziness in Spa Hotel Kremen

How to find coziness in winter?

Winter may offer us a lot of warmth, coziness and unforgettable memories, as long as we know where to look for them. And what is better than having a winter SPA holiday in the mountain.

Here are three things, that you can do in Spa Hotel Kremen, when it is cold outside, and you need a rest.


Swimming is one of the best sports, which you can do the whole year, outside during the warmer months and inside during the autumn-winter season.

Our hotel has inside aquatonic pool – four hydromassage sunbeds, two contrast pools – hot and cold, whirlpool and hydromassage path.


Using sauna during the winter is especially pleasant and useful. The high temperature and steam are a natural way of clensing the body by sweating.

Spa and Wellness

Delicious dishes

Coziness and warmth during winter usually are connected to good red wine and hot dishes.

In Hotel Kremen’s restaurant you can enjoy dishes and specialties from the Bulgarian and the Rhodopes Cuisine. And for ending you can try from our delicious desserts, served with great love and professionalism.

Traditional cuisine

As you can see, the winter offer many opportunities. It may be cold outside, but there is no better time during the year to indulge in spa treatments, swimming inside or just enjoy great food. And Spa Hotel Kremen is the place, which offers all these, so you can experience your unforgettable winter memories.

Prices for accommodation in Spa Hotel Kremen in December

Double room with balcony and lake view prices starts from 45 BGN.

See our Christmas package

Double room with terrace and lake view on prices that starts from 140 BGN.

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